Self Cultivation

– is cultivation, integration and coordination of MIND AND BODY.. Self cultivation is a psychological process that belongs to the confucian philosophy system, which refers to the action and effort of keeping the balance between inner and outer selves and between self and others.

Time will tell

Its easy to go by a week without praying, lately life has felt better and easy after I learned to welcome day with Lord first. I hope you close the week with a quick word. There so many people wishing they where in your shoes no matter how ugly you might think your situations. And…

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New Years

Happy New Year may this year bring you Grace, Love, Harmony, Integrity, Happiness, and lots and lots of Peace. I would like to say “New year’s new me and that’s the vibe”, but I ended last year with a lot of eye-opening moments. As I was going through my book collections I recall I know…

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Cremation before lactation

How I managed to walk out of the hospital, driving back home with your Dad without you in our arms “I DONT KNOW”. All I wanted to do was run back and take you home with me. In whatever state you are in I will keep you safe. I know I will forever choose you…

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