Why i only Share Past tense

At some point am always questioned if i have truly experienced the things i write or talk about. Honestly I ONLY share experience that have happened sometimes 2 years ago and more in other content, with a little added friction sprinkled in most of my stories; This is because I strongly believe in the declaration of intention paradoxically record/recalls the lack of intention.

When I tell you or share my plans my brain automatically thinks am done, which leads to so many unfinished projects and so many automatically changed plans. Reason to why i have some few friends who think I am the best liar; in my defense these are the people who ask personal question and comfortably like prying.  secondly, I don’t know how to let people go just like that especially if we connected somehow,  I tend to adjust and meet you at your level of understanding things. This apply from the friendship level, workmate, acquaintance and ex lovers.

Below i came across a well explained article about why you should stop talking that book/plan or your next move! which I think we can try apply the method in our life projects/ plans etc., Unless your sharing with someone who can genuinely direct you to the right location.

Stop Talking About That Book You’re Writing – http://wp.me/p3Ca1O-6Ln

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