My Gym Partner

“Come on lazy bum, off to the gym we go” I say
“Who is a lazy bum? I will kick your ass at the gym” She retorts back
“We will see, kisura” I smile sheepishly
My look concerns her and she asks “Mmmh….What are you up to?”
“Nothing, I am just looking forward to working out with you” I reply whilst smiling
6 am on the dot, we head down to the apartment’s gym
Good thing at this time it’s practically empty, which I liked
I stare at her admiring her ass in the tight spandex and toned stomach
She sits on the floor and begins stretching
She separates her legs and tries to reach the side then bends between her legs showing of her flexibility
I continue to stare at her fantasizing having her in different positions
She interrupts my thoughts “Like what you see handsome or I already got you shook” She says and winks at me
I laugh and reply “You wish. Come on, let’s start this workout. We start with the trade mill then 50 push-ups after 60 crunches, 30 squats with weights, 30 deadlift and 30 bicep curls each. The loser submits to the winner. Deal?”
Excitedly she replies “It’s on handsome”
We both stepped up on the treadmill next to each other and we chatted as we jogged along
After 15 minutes of running we get off and we face each other for the next exercise
“You know I will win the next round, so just give up” I tease her as I give her a peck on her lips
“I don’t care, I ain’t giving up that easily mister” She replies back playfully
We start doing push-ups and by the time we reach 30, she hits the ground
I finish my reps as she lays there looking at me with a scowl
“What a wonderful win this will be” I gloat
She replies with a scorned sigh “On to the next”
We start crunches and I see her going in hard
Before I can finish my reps, she is already done
“Hah, take that sucker” she happily says
“The race ain’t over yet kisura” I say
We continue to the squats and I can’t help but stare at each squat accentuating her shapely hip
Deadlifts follow with each 20 kg and we finish with a tie
“I hate doing arms” She grumbles
“, no excuses” I smile victorious for I know this win is mine
We both head to the weight rack to get our weights for the final challenge
“Wait, it’s hot” she removes her tank top to show her perfect boobs
She looks at me innocently with a smile “Okay, let’s start”
As we start, I can’t seem to concentrate, she was a beautiful mess
Her hair disheveled as if I just ravished her
Her skin and the sweat dripping on her body is turning me on even more
Each heavy breath lifts her perking breasts
Visibly seeing her nipples harden underneath her sports bra
A wave of lust shot through me and I can’t concentrate at what I was doing and lose my count
“Done” She screams up and down
I pretend to pout “Not fair, you distracted me”
“Don’t be a sore loser” She laughs at me
I grumble “Whatever, What do you want?”
“I want us to go to the fun fair later, all my friends are going plus I wanna show you off” She exclaims
“Fine, but let me do a bit of more workouts” I smile mischievously
He turns around to walk to the weights as I stare at his back
He removes his t shirt, carries the weights and turns back to me to start working on his chest and biceps
My mouth begins to water as I stare at him, every muscle on him was well defined
Starting from his broad shoulders, chest and downwards towards his abs
I further look down, and see a hint of his package through his loose shorts
I started to get wet between my legs and I longed to have him right then and there
As I closed my eyes and imagined it, a small moan escapes my lips
I re open my eyes to find him staring at me with raw hunger
Within a second, I am in his tight embrace and his lips are on me
The kiss was fierce as if we were horny teenagers
He breaks the kiss and drags me to the nearest locker which is the men’s locker
He leads me into the shower and locks the door
Our lips lock again with a feverish desire needed to be quenched
I suck on his tongue as the kiss deepens
He breaks the kiss and starts nibbling and biting my neck
Lightly scratching his back as the feeling becomes intense
He removes my sports bra and continues to remove my tights and shoes then his follows
He keeps them aside as he looks at me hungrily like beast who has found his prey
I kiss him again and he squeezes my ass then lifts me off the ground
I moan into his mouth as I feel myself getting wetter
His thrusts his throbbing shaft into me and I sigh with pleasure
I cling to his biceps as I respond to his hard thrusts as I feel the cool tiles on my back
My pussy taking him deeper with each thrust, enjoying every minute of it
Suddenly we heard the door open and the shower being turned on
“Sssh, we have to be quiet, someone’s here” He says
I must admit the sense of almost being caught makes my adrenaline rush
He turns on the shower to subsidize the noise
I dip my head and kiss him with urgency, he continues to thrust in me
Slamming into me hard as I clung onto him
The pressure building as I feel my body start to shake
“Come for me baby” His voice laced seductively
I bite into his shoulder and neck as I feel myself come undone
He plunges into me on more time and pulls out to let his juice flow to the floor
We cling to each other as we share a slow passionate kiss
He breaks the kiss and says “Let us shower and leave quickly before more people start pouring in and besides, we have a bed waiting for us”
“Oh yes handsome” I reply joyfully for he is my drug

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