Business Call

Today was very interesting ,  it sure was one of THOSE DAYS .. but that aside – my excitement is allover the place you guys, apartment searching got me all the way back to my basic mood  started imagining how many cute pictures i will be taking in my bathroom mirror n those Delicious food i will try cook – “oh lowd i am turned by just the thought of it”..

On a serious note; finding beautiful apartments with reasonable price is haaard 😦 – that it self is a topic for another day.

Meanwhile lets pause our problems and play our imagination after all you get what you vibrate right!

New Balance by Jhene Aiko Playing  in the background  

Frustrations were at an all-time high and I was stressed beyond belief.

I was on a business trip negotiating a new merger with a bunch of idiots.

It was a total failure and a complete waste of my time and resources.

It didn’t help that I was doing business so far away from home and the daily face-time sessions over the last few weeks with her only seemed to make it worse.

*Bling* a notification came to my phone. It was a message from her with a picture attached. The message was a blur and all I saw was the pic.

It was her naked body fresh out of the shower still dripping with the caption WISH YOU WERE HERE with an arrow pointing down her navel.

“Fuck it, I’m done here!” I simply texted back ON MY WAY and booked the next flight out and back to where I need to be.

The entire 3hr flight all I could think about was the devilish grin she had when she was horny, the curve of her spine, the firm jiggle in her ass, the way her nipples felt pressing on the palm of my hands and her sweet sweet wetness.

I shifted uncomfortably in the seat of the taxi as I raced from the airport to her house. Boner pressed sharply on the front of my pants, I loosened my tie and tried to relax which didn’t work.

She opened the door and her face lit up.

I hugged her and took a deep breath breathing in the sweet smell of her hair and neck. I reached down to grab her ass and lifted her into my arms.

I kicked the door closed behind me and moved her to the couch.

We kissed and she looked at me wanting to say how much she missed me.

I put a finger on her mouth and said “Not now, now there’s something I need to do and the need is unbearable.” I dropped her on her feet and ripped the satin sleeping robe clean off her body. I took a second to look at her body in all its perfection. Then spun her around and bent her over the couch.

I pulled my cock out through my zipper while still fully clothed in my designer suit.

Ran a hand over her pussy and found her already wet.

So I took aim and plunged deep inside her.

The warm and familiar sensation was enough to put a smile on my face.

I was finally home.

There was no time for passionate love making, this was a pure animal need.

I started fucking her with all the urgency in the world and she moaned in pleasure with every stroke.

I took my tie off and put in her mouth all the while pumping every bit of frustration and stress into her dripping warmth.

Her legs started shaking as her body is rocked with an orgasm.

She looked back at me with fire in her eyes then closed them to ride the sensation finally spitting out my tie to scream in pleasure.

The sudden clenching of her walls pushed me beyond my limit and I pulled out and shot my load

I almost fell over her, I came that hard.

A sigh of relief from both of us as I straightened up looking at the mess we made.

“I guess we both needed that huh?” She said to me with a wicked smile.

I laughed as she pulled me into the shower.

We both knew the passionate love making would come right after that shower we just needed to let those demons out.

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