I Dont want Fans i Want Supporters

And my world is full of supporters too😊.

Sitting in the workroom at first I had trouble focusing on one thing, turned my mac on, as my mind thrust to get back to the same focused energy “funny how sometimes his presence around me helps me focus” without even finishing the thought I find myself walking to join him as he is playing fOrtNiTe. Sedentary behind him and every time I look up all I see is his manly back, ” smh, eye rolling and some – “girl with this heat rash just please walk us back to the workroom” my conscious replied..

Went downstairs scooped me a mag of smoothie – back in the work room, very focused. As i start working i realize i dont have fans i have supporters very few people who read my blog and actually take their time to write me on WhatsApp, some slide in my Dm just to say how much they loved it.

“What a grateful realization feeling creeping in”

I do not have fans ! I have Supporters!

A fan will only support you as long as you are giving them what they want to see! a follower will only support you as long as you post what they like!

The minute you post something different. The minute you change up to go a different route. The Minute you decide to take a different path they will unfollow you and won’t think twice about it. The best phrase they use “you have changed” that is why it’s very rare for me to say I miss the old me only because I expect my self to change, I 102% don’t expect me to be the person I was last six months even.

I have supporters. People who support the journey, not the destination, people who show me love during bad contents, people who love me enough by giving me room to grow while they stand right beside me, people who reach out randomly to let me know that they are praying for me, or read and watched my content, people who give actual criticsand different ideas, people who support the story of building a legacy, people who bring me up when i’m not at my best. THATS WHAT I HAVE!

To be frank with you, I wish every upcoming public figure focused on this. Cause that is what is going to make a difference. You will be able to understand that our life is a gift to us and how we live is a gift to our Maker. It doesn’t really matter who you are or what your trying to be at some point you will need change , sometime you will feel like you don’t have the will of doing anything, feeling powerless , you know you can do more than you already are doing and that is when we must learn how to work on our self continuing and there is no way we can do it if we are focusing on how many followers we have oh how many likes you get. What I am saying is we can’t do this by having a fan base.

That is why i am forever gratefull to have my slowly growing supporters, i am thankful beyond belief for everyone of my supporters you guys mean everything to me.

I hear the door opening🤨😒

smh, lol you guys might think i am making this up, so this Man literally😶 decides to walk in the work room making God’s Suit🤪😝 looking all good while wearing that manly sexy smile on his face with his muscular arms “Lowwwwwd i still have work to do ” talking about work ! i really thought working from home is fun but it is haaaaaaaaaard😪🥶🥵 if your like me who gets distracted very easily – yeah – that it self is a story for another day.


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