Date Night

I sat in the living-room, watching Megan Leavey, enjoying how she is finally connecting with Rex. “Gushed, I want a dog so bad”

Meanwhile I am thinking what should I make us for dinner, I have been so lazy to cook lately, with everything that went down recently my cooking spirit is playing hide and seek with me, sometimes i view it as one of the disadvantages of cooking from the heart but when the food comes out good it is my main ingredient…

…interrupted by his foot steps “AGAIN”🙄

Query “Baby, Are you sleeping ?”

“No baby, I am up” I reply softly

“Oh! I am dropping my friend off , do you want me to get grocery? “

beseeching as he walked towards the living room

Uhm no baby we can do it together, I am still wondering what to cook for dinner anyway, any idea’s ?

“Well how about I take you out today, anywhere you want “he replies while kissing my forehead goodbye”🥰

Kept watching Megan Leavey cause i don’t even know what i want, i know i’m craving ribs but i love Dad’s ribs better he makes them with so much love and care as he said last time he made them ” i want my ribs to look like we are going on a first date” literary….

before he takes the offer off the table i google for the best rib restaurant near us and texted it to him..

Part way through the movie i began to feel the story was a bit slow moving. i realize this is not an indictment of the film , but of most movies that get my attention . Everything i watch could be categorized as a blockbuster movie -LOTS of action, tons of special effects, o fifth demensharacters. Megan Leavey is a quite, understated film about real life and and real people and they are not always pleasant, exciting or interesting. If you like your war heroes shiny, perfect and larger than life – this film will not be for you. Meagan Leavey is about a flawed, troubled, not very likable young woman who joins the Marines with no heroic idealism – she is just looking for a escape from her miserable life – made so very much by her own doing. And Rex is not Lassie. There is no instant, feel-good bond between a girl and her dog. Rather, the story illustrates the importance of showing up – taking one step at a time , and there with hard work and patience – redemption and second chances are possible. Not an easy feel good film but worth the effort.

Stretching my hand to grab the water bottle … My phone starts ringing Janelle Monae and i sing alone before looking who has the ordercity to interrupt me while am watching my movie

My heart begins to race as I see his nickname on the caller id

“Hey, baby” He greets with his manly voice

How does his voice sounds desirable over the phone

“Hey Scooby” I reply back

He asks; “How are you lovely?”

“I am fine how is your drive ? I say back trying to sound normal although all I wanted is to ask, where are you I miss you already

“Are you ready for dinner am almost home” He says

“You are?” I asked, surprised since he always takes a good minute

“Yes love, get going will see you in a minute” He replies amused and hangs up the phone

I start to rush and change into a simple lovely short skirt and my usual A&F top – talk about cloth’s am i the only one who shops almost everywhere for as long as its cotton . anyway

When I reach outside, I see him leaning against his car window

I go in and give him a hug then a peck on his lips

He continues to hold me as he looks at me

“Baby i think i should stop working with people, i become so attached and i miss hanging with you , I understand that you get I am busy but that’s not an excuse, no one is that busy. So today is going to be about US” He says sweetly

In response, 😊😘I smile and give him another kiss “Let’s go”

We talk and laugh as he drives to our destination

As he parks i am trying to keep my excitement for having ribs on check

Slowly heading in, waiting to be ushered to our table this lady gaised at man when we finally crossed eyes she got my attitude on “what are you looking at” but i smile back kindly cause i mastered my kindness so well that it is very rare for anyone to notice when i am being rude unless we spent a good decade together an you have pressed the right buttons to unleash my defensive side.

He moves aside to let me to let me follow the usher first

seated at our booth table the waiter brings our food and our third bread basket

He holds my hand to pray this reminds me of my graduation day when he took me and grandma Cherry out for Lunch

“Father God please bless us and bless the food we are about to eat may it keep uniting us Father bless the hands i am holding , guide her beautiful mind Father bless us as as we keep working in making this unity stronger father and may the next time we have “good food” may it be on our first vacation dear lord as we eat i pray and believe you will keep watching over us and the people we hold dear in Jesus name i pray and believe Amen”

I find my self cheesing🥰 ” Amen, thank you for praying love” i reply

Enjoying my food as the conversation flows

” look baby i know we have not seen eye to eye recently but do you remember that one time we feel in love while you were sitting on the kitchen counter gushing and complaining about life and we talked about so many things that night, all am say is the reason to why i don’t reply when you ask me something serious one its because most of the time you get me offguarde and you come up with these random different question from know where even i wonder what you be thinking some time ” he looked at me and we both giggled “baby i want to be your support system i don’t want to be the one causing pain i have seen that on you before and it hurts me that is why when you ask something i take my time before i reply. I am known to be the person who just responds without caring what someone else things but i care what you think i don’t want that with you “

I find my self zoning out a little bit went to my appreciation board my mind is like ;( now is really not the time but i can’t help it ‘ a man who is trying is everything to me’ for i never had a father figure growing up now this could have been a reason for me to act a certain way but i always look at it as a chance to make my “imagination” to reality (e.g. how i always imagined how dad would be treating mum had him been alive, cause mum always gushes about how tall and handsome he was , super playful , lover for music , life of a party but very grounded in his own way) which always had me saying i don’t want a perfect man (our generation definition is a man with money and all the material things) i want a trying man for i know i am not perfect but i am a work in progress myself.

As i am zoning back in ” look i don’t know where i was going with this all i am saying is baby steps and patience.”

We both find ourselves lock eyes ” i love you” he ends up saying

Blushing and slowly replied “i love you”

He looks at me at winks

There ribs taste so good but i really can’t finish them , i try so hard to convince my self to finish cause he always jokes around on how i can never finish my food

the lady comes to check on us and here he is ordering another basket of bread our THIRD if i am not mistaken but there bread is warm and soft it tasted really nice to an extend of us plotting on how next time we will go back order there Jamaican cocktail and keep asking for more bread and a to go box and the end of the day

I am so entranced that I miss the smirk and delight on his face

“I love it” I whisper

A huge grin spreads throughout my face and I just want to jump into his arms.

He laughs as he reaches his phone to snap a picture of me i make funny faces as usual “Do you want to eat me?”

“For that I would have to bite you, I wouldn’t mind biting and nibbling your neck” I reply flirting

“Naughty little lady” He chuckles and reach his wallet to pay as i put together our to go box

Finishing my Jamaican drink he stands up an put his hand out as i reach out to stand up, walking outside with his hands on my waist … LOWWWD i love it when his hands are just rubbing my back or at my waist

Getting to car i lean his sick to give him a kiss and huge thanking him for dinner

Slowly and smoothly our lips join as one, caressing each other

As the kiss becomes more urgent and feverish, both fighting for dominance

I moan as our tongues entwine and the passion grows within

As he hugs me so tight

Bodies so close, I can feel his heart racing

Both greedily wanting to taste more from each other

I throw my head back as his lips touches my neck

Slowly placing kisses as his lips find my weak spot

I cannot help but grind with his hand grabbing butt as the passion intensifies

My hands roaming on his body as I seek to devour every inch of him

My lips placing kisses on his lips, jaws and finding the crook of his neck

I cannot help but lick and suck his neck as I wanted more of him

Both having tasted each other not knowing we marked our territory on the bases of our necks

Just like the mating of wolves, we now only belonged to each other

He lifts me up, bringing me towards him with such force that turns me on even more

As instincts kick in and I cannot help but comply to this sweet magic

I am drowning in a sweet bliss as his hands roam all over my body

Finding my weaknesses, as I toss around like a mad woman

As the passion of my body intensifies, I cannot help but shiver

Suddenly he breaks contact; “As much as I would like to have you here and now, i don’t want people seeing all this magic”

I get off him and arrange my clothes with a frustrated sigh for I was so turned on

Conversations begins to flow as plays in the background and we both enjoy the ride home, the view of the stars and this harmony.

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