Mini Vacation

I groan loudly as “I hate the fact of working on Saturdays”. Not enjoying the workload, making me feel more irritated

I hurry and do the important work so I can leave by 12 pm and go enjoy the sun rays, 

As I was finishing up, I hear my ringtone “Snapchat by Rugue” and sing along the beat before picking it up, 

“Hello” I answer sweetly, 

“Hello, boobear! How are you? What are you up to?” He says in his husky voice which I like 

“Stressed but, I am finishing work then will probably head somewhere for a swim’ with the kids I reply 

“Okay, then go home pack your bags, we are going for a little beach trip. I will pick you up in an hour’s time” He tells me as I get excited, 

“Yea….I cannot wait, i would ask how about the kids but I believe you got it sorted, “I giggle” see you in a bit” I happily reply 

He laughs “Make sure you carry your sexy bikinis and an overnight bag, we will stay the night” 

“You know I never disappoint” Saying as I smirk 

“That I know my boo bear, I have missed you and I cannot wait to see you” He says 

“Me too tiger, I crave for your bear hugs” I sigh 

“Soon beautiful, soon” He whispers 

“Alright, talk to you soon Bye for now scooby” I reply back and hang up the phone 

I start arranging my work desk and collecting my stuff to head home 

As soon as I get home, I take a small bag and add in the essentials things and clothes for the trip 

After I am done, I just double check if I have everything we might need 

I change into shorts and a simple cute top adding on accessories 

I look at myself in the mirror and I must say the gym is paying off 

As I am twirling around I hear a car honk outside 

I know the kids are now here yet, am sure that is scooby

I take my belongings and head to the car excited like a little school girl 

When I enter the car, I reach for him to hug him then I kiss his lips soundly 

“That’s not a proper kiss” He pouts 

I laugh and say” Well, let me give you a proper one then” 

I grab his neck and pull him close as my fingers play with his neck 

I place my lips on him slowly and push my tongue inside his mouth to open up for me 

He responds immediately and places his hand on my waist as he pulls me even closer that my breasts are on his chest 

We continue as we are lost as our tongues make love 

I accidently press the horn and we jump apart when we hear the sound 

We both look at each other and start laughing 

“Oops, please lets go before my mother and kids finds us and we make her blind” I say whilst still giggling 

He starts the car and off we go to our little adventure 

“Where are we going exactly?” I ask him 

He looks at me whilst smiling and says “It is a surprise; I know you have not been to this island before” 

“Fine if you do not want to tell me” I pretend to pout though a small smile betrays me 

“Do not worry, you will love it” He chuckles 

We reach the dock and head towards the boat, We find other people and greet them as well as we wait to get on, 

Finally we are allowed to board; he holds my hand and leads me to a private area on the boat, We head to the upper deck and we go outside where we can see the lovely ocean 

I look down and I see the other passengers already seated on the deck below 

“How come we are the only ones up here?” I ask

“Well, to this island only a few people go and I rented the upper part, so we can be alone” He replies 

I walk to him and I straddle myself against his hips as I move in 

I wrap my hands around his neck and say; “Thank you for making my days and thank you for being you” 

I then kiss him as he kisses me back holding me tight 

“Good afternoon sir and welcome….oh, sorry” We hear someone say in the background 

We spring apart as the captain murmurs his apologies 

“Its fine, not to worry” He replies though I cannot look up for I am embarrassed at being caught 

The captain informed us we will be leaving shortly and then he left 

“I swear when I get to the island I want no interruptions” He says 

I laugh for I know it must be frustrating for him to keep being interrupted 

I snuggled closer to him as we both take in the scene 

We chatter about kids, ourselves and laugh whilst teasing each other 

Along the way I keep my head on his chest and I dose off to sleep as I start feeling tired 

“Wake up beautiful we are here” He says and kisses my forehead 

I open my eyes and see that the sun is about to set 

I must say the island was beautiful and breathtaking; I could not wait to get off and enjoy my self

We get off the boat and we are taken to where we will be staying 

I am glad that room, will be secluded from the other people and have a little privacy 

After the bell boy dropped off our bags, we thanked him and gave him a tip asking not to be disturbed 

“Hurry, go change we go and watch the sunset whilst swimming” He says 

I head to quickly change and in no time we are walking hand in hand towards the beach 

As we approach I lay my shawl on the sand since I won’t need it 

I then sprint whilst yelling to him “Catch me if you can” 

Just when I am about to reach the waters, his hands slides on my waist and lifts me up 

I laugh whilst whining “Not fair” 

He laughs then just smacks my ass as we head deeper into the water 

When we were far enough he pulls me down and I wrap my legs around his waist 

The sunset is so beautiful just like the colors in the sky shinning like a lovely bride with her entourage 

We cling to each other in silence as we watch the beautiful scene 

“This is just what I needed, the beach, the sea, a beautiful scene and you” I tell him 

He kisses me softly and then whispers; “I know” 

Putting his lips back on mine as his lips explores mine 

Grasping his hair as i moan out giving more access to his tongue 

So captivated by the kiss as if I was in a trace 

Suddenly I feel water on my head and I break the kiss as he laughs, throwing more water at me 

I retaliate and splash water on him, laughing along with him 

We continue to swim and play in the water until the darkness starts to dawn 

“Let’s head back” He says 

I straddle on his back as he swims us back to shore 

When we reach to the shore, we head to where I had kept my shawl 

I put the shawl properly so both of us can sit since it was big 

As we look around all over its dark except for the distant lights around us that look like stars 

He turns to me and says; “I know you have been stressed a lot lately and this weekend is going to be all about you and having a nice time mama” 

“Thank you for everything, words can’t describe what I feel right now but I am so happy being here with you baba” I reply 

He smiles saying “I am glad to hear that” 

He leans and he starts to kiss me, I kiss him back with passion 

For he has heightened every sense of my body with an indescribable energy 

He pulls me closer and lays me down beneath him 

He continues to kiss me as I feel my bikini top being taken off 

He then slowly heads to my neck kissing and nibbling playfully 

I moan as I can feel his hand below my waist teasing me tortuously 

He continues to trail kisses slowly as he reaches my nipples and puts one in his mouth 

I moan loudly at the delightful sensation as I trail my hands all over his body 

The pleasure seems to know no end as he sucks and gently bites my nipples changing from one breast to another 

“I want you so bad” I barely whisper 

“Worry not, I am here to please you Boo bear” He says hoarsely 

I feel his breath against my skin as he kisses my stomach making me shiver 

He continues to go down as my anticipation rises making me more eager 

He slowly removes my underwear whilst his hand keeps working as he plunges his finger inside me 

“Oh my, you are so wet” He says 

Before I say a word, I feel his tongue lick my petals and clit making my tremble 

He continues to penetrate me with his tongue as I twist and turn for I cannot help myself 

“Stay still” He growls 

He hands grips my waist as he pulls me towards his mouth again

He finds my spot again and continues to devour me, wave after wave the pleasure intensifies 

Feeling my self clinch as desire course  through my body yearning for release 

Making me moan loudly against the ocean waves, not caring who ever hears me 

I feel myself slipping as his rhythm goes faster and ever so skillful 

At last making me cum as I scream out 

I shudder and tremble as if my body has been blissfully electrified 

He licks me clean making me shiver since the spot was still sensitive 

He dresses me up again and kisses my forehead 

“What a little feisty thing you are, I know my back will have marks tomorrow” He says while chuckling 

I hide under his neck as I blush and giggle 

He smiles saying “Don’t worry I enjoy it” 

I kiss him on his neck and as I slide my hand down to his manhood 

I hear him suck his breath in as I say “Someone is still hard and unfulfilled, let me please you” 

He picks me up bridal style and says smirking “By all means” 

We head back into our room to create more memories as we leave the beautiful stars behind 

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