My obedience is better than Sacrifice!

“Fait will never smile on the fortunes of a ninja who seeks victory by falling on his own sword or demanding that others fall on theirs”.


Having unhealthy friendships or Starting unhealthy habits, it’s like wine, it gets better as it ages. (or in this occasion, you get better at it, or the more convenient it gets, than to deal with the actual FACT). By unhealthy habit or friends it could be anything like (eating disorder, finding yourself always on the phone, procrastinating, friends who gaslight you, friends who talk bad behind your back (with an excuse note of “me and my partner talk about everything), friends who try compete with you in anything, friends who think they are better than you, lies, over shopping, Gossiping, overexaggerating situations, ETC).

To me anything that distracts my Mental health, Physical or crosses my boundaries is unhealthy. I literally look at it as a wall.

This might sound pretty cliche’ but ” as it is in the natural ,it is in the Spirit.” Who’s responsible for the walls in our lives?The person who put them there we’re BOB THE Builder of our life. We decide what walls we’re going to put up and what walls we NEED to tear down. Now let me help you understand that there are walls that protect us from the enemy. They control our interaction and defend us from the attacks of the adversary.

Walls have the ability to prevent access. Isn’t it funny how something that is standing still has so much power to prevent someone from entering into the next part or phase? Have you ever purchased a building or buy a home and you found out that there were ONE TOO MANY walls in that particular area? You probably will request for one of the walls to be torn down because you have a vision for that space.

When we interview the reality of our lives, some of us are distracted by the voices that are surrounding us. Some by the habits that are been presented to us at a young age, or even habits that we pick from our friends, or partner, parents, guardians. These voices or habits can impede us from fulfilling our assignments, only if we allow it. When a distraction comes our way, we grow fearful and intimidated by the threat. It’s important and necessary that as your building whatever you’ve been called to build, whether it’s only being a wife/husband, mother/father or your legacy, Business/brand, you have to remain SOLID and STABLE in what you believe in. If your not Strong in your ways, then situations will literally create others walls that will eventually become strongholds. Strongholds that have been heavily fortified by the enemy. I call this a lifestyle of non stop wrestling between the process and the promise, the journey and the manifestation.

Always remember the Grass is greener where you water it, Don’t replace your Plant water spray bottle with unhealthy habit and expect a healthy plant . Don’t sacrifice your mission just so you can look cool, “Fait will never smile on the fortunes of a ninja who seeks victory by falling on his own sword or demanding that others fall on theirs”.

We all desire access to the miraculous things that we wish for, I strongly believe anything is achievable if we start learning how to take control of the unhealthy habits that are weighing us down. You come across a wall that needs to go down, TEAR it DOWN, create the space that you NEED/want, in order to achieve your desired lifestyle. Don’t let anything take you on a “what if” road trip, or the once who constantly say “I wish my life was different” sweetheart that is what I call a vortex lifestyle . Make a Difference, Don’t come down from your assignment. Whatever you do, KEEP BUILDING!

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