My obedience is better than Sacrifice!

"Fait will never smile on the fortunes of a ninja who seeks victory by falling on his own sword or demanding that others fall on theirs".Garaa Having unhealthy friendships or Starting unhealthy habits it's like wine, it gets better as it ages. (or in this occasion, you get better at it, or the more convenient …

2020 New Beginnings huh!

I am sure most people already have some new year revolution list! My 2020 revolution will be to stay more vulnerable to everything and anything I do. I practiced more of it this year and I must admit, it was more "feelings", more lessons learned People don’t like being vulnerable for different reasons. Some think …

Apologies in Advance

"Apologies in Advance"  What's done in the dark eventually comes to the light. I've always been the person to shine light on others and help guide them to their success meanwhile I've been left in the dark myself which lead to me hurting the people who genuienly love me and care about me ended up …

I Dont want Fans i Want Supporters

And my world is full of supporters too😊.XoXo🥀 Sitting in the workroom at first I had trouble focusing on one thing, turned my mac on, as my mind thrust to get back to the same focused energy "funny how sometimes his presence around me helps me focus" without even finishing the thought I find myself …

Why i only Share Past tense

Among the many reasons to why I ONLY share experience that have happened 1 sometimes 2 years ago and more in other content; is because I strongly believe the declaration of intention paradoxically record/recalls the lack of intention. When I tell you or share my plans my brain automatically thinks am done, which leads to …


Self Cultivation is never a easy journey but if we all play our part the world would be a better place.

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