Letter to my Daughter

Dear Daughter,

When you have had enough of running into dead ends all the time, you should 
remember that dead ends aren't a bad thing. They are just an indication that you 
need to turn back around. So, turn back around. Don’t settle for being lost. 
Besides, your life isn't meant to end. It’s a road trip all of it, and the greatest
thing you don’t have to travel alone. You get to bring people along and while 
taking routes recovery, that is what you will especially need: good company. 
Don’t get caught driving with a DUI or DWI, either- the mentality that u can do 
this process of healing all by yourself every single time you get hurt. 
There will be a moment when you will need a friend to lean on. Don’t forget to
 take your exits every once in a while  to fill your stomach. Eating is crucial 
to your health, no matter what your diet is. So, order a little bit for your
stomach and a little bit for your soul. Then make sure you leave a big tip 
afterwards. Giving is a part of healing and if your confused about where to go
 next, go right. Nothing can go wrong if you turn the right way. However don’t
 expect that road to be the smoothest. It might be the narrowest of them all but
 it is a promise to lead you to the place where you need to be.  Remember the only
 reason why you should look to your rear-view mirror is to help you better adjust
 your position for the road ahead of you. Other than that don’t look back. 
How could you drive successfully if your only looking at what's behind you?  
And, notice how small the rear-view mirror is compared to the windshield revealing
your travels? That’s because looking back is not nearly as important as moving 
Lastly, be safe on the road, don’t run the red lights just because your feeling 
risky. Slow down when you encounter a part of yourself that needs construction. 
Reroute your map if you encounter  a dead end. And most important always have your
 driving license with you. You will need to remind yourself that you have passed 
the test and if you have already passed the test ; then you are completely 
equipped to on the road advanced in difficulty. Yet, even prepare for the paths 
ahead, they wont get any easier unless you decide to change your tires.


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